November 7, 2010

funny quote!

okay okay. aku baru je tejumpe fb kenalan lame aku ni. HAYATUN SAFURA namenye.. umur beza 4 taon, maybe. aku bace info die, and found her fav quote. it's kinda funny to me.

1. tiada rotan, pelempang berguna juga. -- betul kan. hahah!

2. cubit peha kiri, peha kanan tak rase ape pon. -- kehkeh.

3. sehari selembar benang, lama lama habis benang. -- xD

4. carik carik bulu ayam, lame lame jadi shuttlecock. -- ahahahahh! klakau weyh.. :0

November 5, 2010

mixture of love...and it's obstacle

LOVE... is a complicated situations sometimes. we seems understand it nicely, but we don't. sometimes we seem to lost our knowledge about love. because love is difficult. yet, we still wants to try it. as long as our chunk of heart is still strong to go through it, love is always a trial.

until one day, you'll met the most hard love. the one that will be your soulmate. your tru love. till death do us part. you'll be smiling all the times. or might be crying for several days. or sulking for hours. and get mad until you feel pity for him/her. who knows, you might get hurt. that's the real meaning of love.

for my story... it can be very beautiful. but the world can be cruel for several days, months, years or for eternity. i've once punished for the things that i haven't done, punished for someone else's fault, being dared by the one that have done the irresponsible things to my love one, and someone prayed that my relationship with my fiancee will not succeed.

my dear readers, in this paragraph or next, i might mention several names. it's not for humiliating them. but to teach them, to let them know what i felt, what i thinks when they've done that to me. i've hurt enough by their memories, and by their thoughts and speeches to me. for the unpleasant noise and sound and speeches that i've heard from the society. and both of 'you'. i have it enough! for those words i've suffered enough.! for those words i've patient enough.! dear khairina arisha, your words were as sharp as a sword. i know you told me all your memories on purpose. to make me flea from faka. kan? but, it'll never happen. i remember every single words that you dare me.! it's still fresh in my mind. don't forget either what you've said to faka. tried to seduce him again huh.! dream it pompan. you've bring your past to me, bu i'm not fragile like you. i'm so so so so differ from you. you've had your chance once, it won't happen again. now, your words cannot cut me anymore. mohd fitri, you've prayed something bad for me and faka right. you've made a wrong steps. Allah maha besar. what goes around can comes around. that's all i want to say. you can think for yourself.

peeps, just accept the reality. we're in love for 5 years, hang out together for 2 years, and engaged now! soon, we're gonna get married, insyaallah. because our love is true. so many things we've run through. we made it together. and hope it will get through everything till the end of our life. till death do us part.

live like we're dying

ohh. sangat indah mase mase kami bersame. huhuhh.. we're enjoying every moments we had. very enjoying it! plan spontan aje nak g cameron mase tu. then kitorang pown betolak le ke cameron. sampai kat sane, tros g ladang teh boh. tinggi gile nak daki bukit tu.. kembang kempis hidung letih sangat nak naik atas. dah la sejuk.

sebelum panjat bukit

tengah panjat. benti jap. letih sangat.

akhirnya sampai jugak kat atas

lepas dah puas duduk atas bukit tu, kitorang turun la. cari ladang strawberry. tp jauh sangat. perut pon dah lapar sangat. sampai kat tanah rata, kitorang pon tenampak la satu kedai bernama Marry Brown. mentekedarah la kat situ sbb dah lapar sangat sangat sangat. :)

lapa gile. makan tak hengat dunie.

mase nak balik, kitorang singgah kat tempat bunga. beli la 6jenis kaktus and satu bunga gantung. cantek! nak letak kat umah muar.

lepastu kitorang pon balik la sbb dah gelap. walaupun penat memanjat bukit, pening ikot jalan yang cam ular kena palu tu, tapi happy and sangat sangat seronok kalau besame. :)

tanggal 31 2010

malam ni malam merdeka. kitorang pegi celebrate kat Dataran Keris, Alor Gajah Melaka. ingatkan ade function gempak. tp takde ape sangat pon. sedih jugak rase. biase celebrate kat lipis. dah la dana kurang. tepakse tengok je kat dataran tu. last last kitorang betige tebalkan muke be'posing' kat situ.

tengok la betape tak malu anak mak ni. huhu. then kitorang g lepak kat klebang aje. takde benda sangat nak but. the end.